Be Faithful

I had originally planned to share my thoughts about each of the aspects of spiritual preparedness at the end of my last post but I quickly realized that I have so much to say about each one that it would be better (for you, haha!) to have a separate post for each item:

  • Be faithful
  • Pray always
  • Be wise
  • Receive the truth
  • Take the Holy Ghost for your guide
  • Be not deceived

Faith vs. Be Faithful

I started my research with a quick keyword search in the Gospel Library app on my phone for “be faithful,” which turned up 536 scripture results, 180 General Conference results, 73 magazine results, and 293 “other” (video, Family Home Evening manual, Come, Follow Me, Jesus the Christ, etc.) results.

Most of those results were actually for faith, not faithful. Even with just this brief overview though, I learned something. I learned that having faith is not the same thing as being faithful. At least, not according to the scriptures.

In addition to lots of scripture references (536, remember?), there were several other keywords that turned up in my search results for “be faithful.” Things like Faith, Hope, Prayer/Pray, Firmness, Name of the Lord, Repentance, Charity, Heal/Healing, Miracle, Trial, Belief, and Endure. Faithfulness seems to be about steadiness and constancy and enduring to the end.

O love the Lord, all ye his saints: for the Lord preserveth the faithful and plentifully rewardeth the proud doer.

Psalm 31:23

He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much: and he that is unjust in the least is also unjust in much.

Luke 16:10

And blessed is he that is found faithful unto my name at the last day, for he shall be lifted up to dwell in the kingdom prepared for him from the foundation of the world. And behold it is I that hath spoken it. Amen.

Ether 4:19

And whoso is found a faithful, a just, and a wise steward shall enter into the joy of the Lord, and shall inherit eternal life.

D&C 51:19

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