Doctrine, Invitation, and Blessings

Since I started working from home full time in December 2020, I can listen to audiobooks and podcasts while I work. In addition to general news and entertainment podcasts, I also listen to several inspirational podcasts, such as LDS Living’s All In and This is the Gospel and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ podcasts Latter-day Saint Women and Church News.

On today’s Church News episode, Scott Taylor interviews Elder David A. Bednar about his pattern for studying messages from General Conference.

Elder Bednar identifies three key components that he looks for in General Conference messages.

“The basic pattern is to identify the fundamental doctrine or principle that is being taught, find invitations to act related to that doctrine or principle, and then also recognize the promised blessings that will come as we act in accordance with that invitation.”

Elder David A. Bednar

This is very timely for me since General Conference is this weekend! (You can find the schedule here.) I had been thinking for a while now about how I generally take notes during General Conference but then, unless I happen to write a blog post about a particular talk, I don’t really do anything with my notes after that, they just sit in my notebook collecting dust. I want to make my study of the messages in General Conference more meaningful and useful and I think this format (1) Doctrine, (2) Invitation, (3) Blessings, might be just the thing to kick my study up to the next level!