Keeping Score

Sometimes I monitor the behavior of other people and make a mental note of all things they’re doing that they shouldn’t be or that they’re doing “wrong” (i.e. differently than I would do it).

I’m very good at finding the mote in someone else’s eye, is what I’m saying. (Luke 6: 41-42, Matthew 7:3-5)

I’ve found it helpful to ask myself in that moment “What are you going to DO with this information, self?” I’m not really going to present the object of my ire with a spreadsheet documenting all the occasions when they misused the word “there” or loaded the dishwasher wrong (or whatever thing I’m annoyed by), am I? No, of course not, that would be ridiculous!

In last week’s Come, Follow Me the first section is titled “I show my love for Jesus Christ by keeping His commandment to love.” Keeping score of another’s shortcomings isn’t very loving, is it? It doesn’t even matter if I never share that information with anyone, if I’m keeping score, that means I’m not loving that person in my heart, therefore I’m not keeping the commandment the way I should be.

I’ll continue to ask myself “What are you going to DO with this information?” when I start to keep score and remind myself to think a loving thought about the other person instead.