Fantasy General Conference

I’m so excited for General Conference, you guys! I found a fun game on Facebook that I wanted to try this year. It’s organized by the folks who run the Facebook page Fantasy General Conference. My predictions for April 2019 General Conference are below! You can download your own Fantasy General Conference packet here.

Guess the topics.

Saturday Morning: (1) temple ordinances, (2) love your neighbor.
Saturday Afternoon: (1) missionary work, (2) Word of Wisdom.
General Priesthood Session: (1) marriage, (2) father presides/guides.
Sunday Morning: (1) family history, (2) prayer.
Sunday Afternoon: (1) strengthen families, (2) technology.


Saturday Morning: President Eyring
Saturday Afternoon: President Nelson
Priesthood Session: President Oaks
Sunday Morning: President Eyring
Sunday Afternoon: President Oaks

When will the First Presidency Speak?

President Nelson: Saturday Morning, Sunday Afternoon.
President Oaks: Saturday Afternoon.
President Eyring: Saturday Afternoon.

Guess which Apostle will speak during each session.

Saturday Morning: (1) Ulisses Soares, (2) D. Todd Cristofferson, (3) Ronald A. Rasband.
Saturday Afternoon: (1) M. Russell Ballard, (2) Jeffrey R. Holland.
Priesthood Session: (1) Dale G. Renlund, (2) Neil L Anderson.
Sunday Morning: (1) Dieter F. Uctdorf, (2) Gerrit W. Gong, (3) Gary E. Stevenson.
Sunday Afternoon: (1) David A. Bednar, (2) Quentin L. Cook.

Seventy Speakers.

(In no particular order/session.)

  1. Jose L. Alonso
  2. W. Mark Bassett
  3. Randell K. Bennett
  4. Yoon Hwan Choi
  5. Randy D. Funk
  6. Erich W. Kopischke
  7. Richard J. Maynes
  8. Kevin W. Pearson
  9. Paul B. Peiper
  10. Takaski Wada

Who will speak from the Auxiliary Presidencies during Conference.

Primary Presidency: Cristina B. Franco
Young Women’s Presidency: Becky Craven
Young Men’s Presidency: Douglas D. Holmes
Sunday School Presidency: Tad R. Callister
Relief Society Presidency: Jean B. Bingham
Presiding Bishopric: Dean M. Davies

The Men of the Tabernacle Choir.

Saturday: Striped tie
Sunday: 1 color tie

The Women of the Tabernacle Choir.

Saturday: Green dress
Sunday: Purple dress

Hymns During General Conference.

(In no particular order/session.)

  1. Isreael, Israel God is Calling
  2. For the Strength of the Hills
  3. Come, Follow Me
  4. God be with You Till We Meet Again
  5. Scatter Sunshine
  6. Count Your Blessings

Predict any announcements or policy changes.

(In no particular order/session.)

  1. Relief Society
  2. Primary
  3. Young Single Adults

New Temples.

United States:

  1. Arizona
  2. Utah
  3. New York


  1. South America

Hail Mary (highly unlikely):

  1. Alaska

I also added in my predictions for flowers!

Saturday: white
Sunday: red/yellow