“Laying the Foundation of a Great Work” by Stephen R. Bangerter

General Conference, October 2018 – Saturday Morning Session – “Laying the Foundation of a Great Work” by Elder Stephen R. Bangerter, Of the Seventy

Lessons taught through the traditions we establish in our homes, though small and simple, are increasingly important in today’s world. What are the small and simple things that, when established, will perform a great work in the lives of our children? (Elder Bangerter)

President Nelson reminded parents during his recent visit to Toronto, Canada of our responsibility to teach our children

  • to understand why we partake of the sacrament,
  • the significance of being born in the covenant,
  • and the importance of preparing for and receiving a patriarchal blessing.

President Nelson also encouraged parents to lead family scripture study.

Elder Bangerter said “Consistent, wholesome family traditions that include prayer, scripture reading, family home evening, and attendance at Church meetings, though seemingly small and simple, create a culture of love, respect, unity, and security.”

Today was my family’s first day using the 2019 Come Follow Me. We didn’t do anything special, though. I honestly love the ideas I’ve seen on Pinterest and other websites! The printables, the videos, the activities–everything is all so well-designed and organized and beautiful to look at! But that just won’t work for my family right now; for us, simpler is better.

Tonight, we grabbed our scriptures and sat around the living room while we briefly reviewed the purpose of Come, Follow Me – For Individuals and Families and the first two subsections under Ideas for Personal Scripture Study (“To truly learn from the Savior, I must accept His invitation , ‘Come, follow me.'” and “I am responsible for my own learning.”) We read about half of the verses suggested in the second subsection. We plan to read the rest of the verses tomorrow evening and to continue our brief review of the lesson throughout the rest of the week in preparation for our classes on Sunday. (Tomorrow, we’ll also add some instrumental hymns in the 30 to 60 minutes leading up to our Come, Follow Me study time to really invite the Spirit.)

About half an hour after we finished reading and had moved on to other activities, I remarked to my husband that everyone was very cheerful, including family members who hadn’t exactly participated cheerfully in our study of Come, Follow Me.

I’m holding out a lot of hope that embracing the new home-centered, Church-supported curriculum will bless my family, especially in the area of children being excited to learn and live the Savior’s teachings.